Youth and Families

Points of Light recognizes that a passion for volunteerism can be cultivated from a young age. Through our youth division, generationOn, we encourage kids and teens to learn the value of service and volunteerism by giving them tools and resources to make their mark on their communities and the world.

generationOn meets youth and families where they are by creating DIY service projects that are simple to execute and have a big impact while also teaching children about how they have the power to make a difference. We also work with schools and nonprofits to equip them to engage youth and families in volunteering to benefit the community and each other.

Ideas for Getting Involved

There are many ways to inspire and engage youth at home, in school or in groups. Our DIY projects cover a variety of issue areas to help youth get involved in causes they care about. These projects vary in time and scope. We also engage youth and families through issue-focused campaigns and days of service that provide on-ramps to easy activation!

Visit generationOn to see our upcoming opportunities and events, or find a project that’s right for you.

Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program

For Schools and Nonprofits

Engaging families in volunteer projects helps create and deepen their bonds with each other and with their community. generationOn provides ideas and inspiration to help you figure out the best ways to host family volunteering projects.

Nonprofits and schools that host family-friendly volunteer projects are eligible for rewards! Points of Light and Disney Parks launched the Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program to allow nonprofits and schools the chance to earn tickets to Disney Parks for hosting family volunteer projects. Learn how you can earn tickets to Disney Parks for hosting family volunteer projects at


Global Volunteerism Journey Report


Points of Light recently conducted a study of four US markets and four global markets to assess the global state of volunteerism, the key barriers to overcome, and identify the solutions and opportunities to increase family volunteering. This research, sponsored by Disney, explores five global truths about volunteering and five recommendations to increase success of volunteer activities.

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It’s great that youth’s parents are trying to instill the importance of volunteering, and the lesson is more impactful when a family can participate together. So many families approached me to share that they appreciated the opportunity to both volunteer as a family and to be able to create something that would bring another family joy during the holidays.
Marion Brunken, Volunteer Alexandria